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An essay is your personal view of a certain reality, your personal opinion. In order to do the work, you need to choose a clear, unambiguous topic. The tone of the essay is given by the thesis – the basic position of the text, which is usually formulated in one or more sentences at the beginning of the text. Thus, you tell the reader the subject of further reasoning. This could be a question or a description of the problem. The rest of the text is your thinking, weighing all the pros and cons, which must necessarily lead to a conclusion. If at the beginning of the work you asked a question, then the bulk of the text, consisting of your arguments, in the end is obliged to give an answer to this question.

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Remember that in the essay first of all the author’s personality and unique views on certain events are evaluated. Therefore, the essay should interest immediately with a qualitatively new word on the topic. In addition, the Dissertation can consist of some impressions of the writer. In this case, it is important to show the vision of objects from a new angle and shape your thoughts in a lively and imaginative way.

Despite all the freedom of the author when writing Dissertations, working in this genre helps to learn how to formulate your thoughts about specific phenomena, to express yourself logically and at the same time artistically and vividly.

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