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Abortion debates normally are geared towards legal or political issues. But there are very deep-seated ethical debates that are concerned with abortions. It is often agreed that morality should not be regulated, but a law should be based on moral values. Therefore you should present an open discussion in your term paper on abortion’s ethical controversy.

There can be many dimensions to your term paper on the abortion’s ethical controversy. You may raise specific questions and provide the reader with an analysis on the both the sides of the controversy. Since your term paper is about an ethical debate on abortion, you should present a discussion of both sides of the spectrum to really give the reader a comprehensive picture.

One of the points that you can discuss in your term paper on abortion’s ethical controversy is the legal status of the fetus. You should highlight that if a fetus becomes a “person” then should abortion be prohibited and or maybe stated as a murder. Similarly you should present arguments if an abortion is ethical if the fetus has not become a person. You should answer questions regarding the moral standing of the fetus.

You should also present debate over women autonomy over her body. That is, whether these women have the right to drop their pregnancies or not? In an ethical context it is widely agreed, and you should provide evidence to support this, that a woman should chose not to go through an abortion and this is the most ethical choice.

You may also argue in your research paper topics on abortion’s ethical controversy that those women who have consented to sex and do not properly account for contraception, do they have the right to go through an abortion. Mention the other side of this argument as well, and ask whether such women have any obligations towards the fetus since they knew that pregnancy would occur if contraception were not properly used.

Above all, one of the most contentious aspects of this debate that you should mention in your term paper on abortion’s ethical controversy, is the debate whether an abortion is tolerable in cases of rape, incest, and where the fetus is deformed? These are issues that are most deep-rooted and you should present evidences and arguments for both sides of scale.

Lastly you may provide religious arguments for and against the legality of one’s right to abortion. This is one of the major parts of your term paper on abortion’s ethical controversy, as majority of the world’s population follow some form religious code of life. You should particularly give accounts of the legitimacy of ethical aspects of abortion for Islam and Christianity, as these are world’s major religions.

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