Positive Youth Development


Positive Youth Development

Writing a Research Paper on Positive Youth Development

Writing a research paper positive youth development sounds like a boring task due to the topic. It is one of those boring, dull topics that students try to avoid – so your reluctance in writing a research paper positive youth development is well understood.

Nonetheless, since the task has been assigned, as a student it is your responsibility and duty to get the job done. After all a research paper contributes a large portion to your grade for the course. So you must take the task of writing a research paper on positive youth development seriously.

Positive youth development, also known as PYD is a term that stands for the world wide efforts of communities, countries, nations, governments, educational institutes and citizens and so on to give support and opportunities to the youth. This encouragement to the youth takes the form of skills, teaching, interests, training and similar growth. The mission and vision of positive youth development initiates are simple – to develop a well rounded and complete adult.

Now that you know what the term stands for, the task of writing a research paper positive youth development will be somewhat easier. It is important to understand what the term stands for and what it signifies – clarity in the definition and understanding can keep you on track during your writing.

Give some examples of positive youth development initiatives around you or in your home country. Some common examples include the youth parliamentary, social workers, young leadership development and so on. You are likely to find local examples in your school or your home community.

From a research stand point, you can interview participants of these youth development programs to see what the participants feel about this initiative. You can gather information regarding their likes, dislikes or any positive or negative impacts.

While writing a college research paper on positive youth development, try and find some adult participants of these your development programs who were active members during their youth. See how they have fared and how the youth programs affected their upbringing. For this part you will need to conduct detailed interviews or perhaps hold a focus group.

If you have had any experience with a positive youth development program, you can provide first hand input regarding the initiative. Talk about your various learning and experiences. You may be able to analyze the program from all around and try and find points for improvement or areas that can be changed for the better.

Hopefully after reading these ideas you will have a better idea on how to go about writing a research paper on positive youth development.

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