The Necessity of Wearing Seatbelts


The Necessity of Wearing Seatbelts

Term Paper on The Necessity of Wearing Seatbelts

A person spends most of his life making decisions, some large decisions that people feel can have momentous impact on their lives, or even little every day decisions, that in essence may be ordinary, but can probably affect you  for the rest of your life.  

Wearing a seat belt is an everyday two/three second decision, but a decision that may have a serious impact on your life.

If given the assignment of writing a term paper on the necessity of wearing seatbelts, you can start by giving some statistics about lives saved, or grievous injuries that could have been prevented had the person been wearing a seat belt.

Include in your term paper on the necessity of wearing seatbelts, some facts about un-necessary fatalities that were preventable if the people involved in the accident had taken the few seconds needed to put on their seatbelts.

Next in your term paper on the necessity of wearing seatbelts, give some facts about where most accidents take place and at what speeds. Dispel the notion that most accidents occur on highways or freeways where people drive at high speed. Most fatalities and serious injuries occur with cars moving at 40 KPH, and within a 25 mile radius of a person’s home of office, on roads that have speed limits.

Also add some facts about the inclusion of seatbelts in all vehicles. In your term paper on the necessity of wearing seatbelts, give some details about the design of seatbelts, like the design is specific about protecting vital organs and bones. It protects a person from whiplash, and if not worn correctly could result in skin abrasions and permanent injuries to the throat and spine.

Last, but not least in a college term paper on the necessity of wearing seatbelts, explain how the law of physics applies to car collisions.  When a car collides with another moving or stationary object, the object is responsible for the force resulting in changes in the speed and direction of your car, and how much of a force or how hard it affects your car, and thereby the people travelling inside the car.

As you are travelling in the same direction and speed (forward) the seatbelt restrains you from flying through the air, and crashing into the windshield or the dashboard. Most grievous injuries to the face and neck result from the person crashing into the wind shield, or serious injuries to the chest and the skull from being hurled unexpectedly against the dashboard.

Seatbelts are made of flexible material, and are designed to hold the driver and the passengers in place, when the vehicle suddenly stops or reduces speed immediately like when the brakes have to be forcefully applied on.

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