Writing a Method Section of a Research Paper

The method section of a research paper explains the way in which various studies have been conducted. A research paper is a form of writing which is written to describe a certain study in any field of science.  This article will help you in writing the method section of a research paper.

A research paper consists of an introduction, literature review, method section, result and conclusion. A research paper starts with an introduction in which you give a background of the problem. You also discuss the scope and significance of your study in the introduction of your research paper.

The next part is the literature review. In this section, you will present an overview of other studies which have been conducted on your topic or which are related to your topic. The literature review section helps you to design variables of your research. When writing the literature review, it is important to gather information which helps you in answering your research questions.

When writing the method section of a research paper, it is necessary to select a particular research methodology first. You may choose a quantitative, qualitative or mixed research design for your research paper. In the method section of your research paper, you will explain your chosen methodology.

In order to conduct research, you also require primary data. In order to gather data, you must design a reliable instrument such as a questionnaire. You may ask open ended or closed ended questions through a questionnaire. You are also required to select your sample as well as sample size. You will also discuss your sample and data collection instrument in the method section.

If you have chosen various other procedures in your research then you may specify them as well. For instance, if you have gathered data through interviews then you may specify this in the method section. You should explain that how you have chosen participants for conducting interviews.

You are also required to justify that why you have chosen a particular sample size for your study. Describe how you have chosen your target population and participants. If you have used any software for data analysis then you are also required to specify it in the method section of your research paper.

Therefore writing the method section of a research paper is an important step in paper writing. This part plays an important role in making your research paper valid and reliable. The guidelines given in this article will assist you in writing the method section of a research paper.

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