Writing an Argumentative Research Paper


Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

An argumentative research paper will normally involve a student to gather information in order to present a debate about controversial or conflicting topics and state a conclusive ending. Writing an argumentative research paper is often a challenging task and students require assistance to properly portray an argument. Also read about a justbuyessay review.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you in writing argumentative research paper topics

1.       First off you need to be very selective of the topic you chose for an argumentative research paper. Typically you should pick a topic that is not too narrow or broad and is extensive enough that carries a substantial debate over an issue. It is best if you select a current topic that really triggers your interest.

2.       A comprehensive topic is not enough; you have to select a topic that has enough scope to offer a considerable debate. In addition you have to take into account the reasons for your position on an argument and how articulately can you convince your reader towards your stance on the particular subject.

3.       You shouldn’t just jump into writing an argumentative research paper; instead once you decide on the topic you should take some ample time to research and plan your essay. You should engage in a thorough research to survey the topic and collect information and evidences for both sides of the argument. As you are gathering information, you should plan how you can present each of the arguments for and against the topic.

4.       Next you should weigh both sides of the issue and then decide on the position that you can back with stronger evidences than the other. This is best done by considering the strongest arguments for the opposing side and then presenting counter arguments to put them down.

5.       It is important for you to remember that writing an argumentative research paper is different from debating face to face. Often face to face arguments become emotional and lose their strength as they lack solid evidences. Therefore, you have to bear in mind that in writing an argumentative research paper you need to be able to support your side of the issue by presenting resounding arguments without being emotional. In essence, you have to be bias but not head over heels with your side of the topic.

6.       Last but not the least; an argumentative research paper also follows the similar essay structure that is an introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction establishes your point of view on the topic. The body provides both sides of issue and the supporting evidences to back your arguments. Conclusion holds your findings and restates your thesis in light of the evidences provided in the body.

7.       Make sure to provide for any references and cite your sources for your arguments and evidences used in writing an argumentative research paper.

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